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The Village – The MillWorks at the Green

Chesterfield County has created a special overlay district and plan for the Village of Midlothian to create a unique community atmosphere rarely found in a suburban location, in which the 43 acre development, The Green at Midlothian, will play a central role. The “Main Street” of offices at The MillWorks leads directly down to the core Village Square area, providing an internalized focal point for pedestrian activities around an already existing 8.9 acre lake, surrounded by well defined plaza areas interlinking 262,400 sq ft of retail, restaurants, residential and public facilities. While The MillWorks itself contributes to this Village environment with its own smaller public plaza in front of the Midlothian Library, a 450 seat amphitheater has been designed to be built on the shore of the lake in the Village Square area, next to a 30 foot derrick-like coal mining headframe with pulley structure to commemorate the historical Middle Shaft coal mining site.The Village of Midlothian itself extends northward over and along Route 60 to include Sycamore Square in the Historic District, but the new center for pedestrian and retail activities of the Village as a whole is projected to become the Village Square around the more tranquil and idyllic lake with its pedestrian and bike trails, its amphitheater and restaurants, and shops intermingled with upstairs apartment spaces.

The Village Historical Park

The Mid-lothian Mines Park contributes unique historical ambiance and features to the Village neighborhood of The MillWorks. This county historic park now already contains 44 acres just south of Woolridge Road, featuring massive stone structures above the Grove Shaft with its historic railroad bed and encompassed by wooded walking paths and pond. This park is accessible from the Village Square through a pedestrian tunnel under Woolridge Road, less than 300 yards from The MillWorks’ “Main Street.”

The park, as an innovative public-private partnership, will soon expand into parts of the Village Square itself to include as much as another 17 acres around the lake and a 3 acre pocket historical park around the Midlothian Pump Shaft, which will serve as focal public space for Village Square area north of the amphitheater.


Thus The MillWorks, a 12 acre office site for 149,500 square feet of offices and shops with its special “Main Street” character and historically evocative architecture, is itself embedded in the Village of Midlothian, which interlaces parkland, historic sites and structures, lake and public facilities, retail center and restaurants in the pedestrian retail Village Square area right next door to your offices

The Green at Midlothian – Development Plan

The Village of Midlothian Plan – PDF

Midlothian Mines Park – PDF

The Lake at The Green

Grove Shaft at Midlothian Mines Park